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Going forward we will maintain these standards, working to address areas where there is still room to do better such as balancing the presence of men and women in our senior management. Furthermore, GAIN is currently updating its internal workplace policy as well as the programmatic gender strategy for them to be aligned and gender-transformative. All of the above has been accomplished by the joint efforts of all GAIN staff, who will continue to monitor and strive to improve our performance.

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  5. USMC Publication on the SPETSNAZ, FMFRP 3-201, 1991.
  6. Programmes Countries. Financial statements Annual reports Donors Support us. Reports and publications Datasets. Work is rated as equivalent if the jobs have been scored the same number of points or fall within the same job evaluation grade. The focus is on the demands of the job rather than the nature of the job overall.

    Seemingly quite different jobs may actually be equivalent when properly job evaluated.

    Disputes about equality and discrimination

    Although not mandatory, the most reliable and objective approach you can take to assessing whether your employees are doing equivalent work or work of equal value is to use a fair job evaluation scheme. A job evaluation scheme is a method of systematically assessing the relative value of different jobs. A fair scheme will not allocate different points to jobs only because it values certain demands of work traditionally undertaken by women differently from demands of work traditionally undertaken by men.

    If there is sex-bias in a points scoring system, this would be discriminatory, and would not prevent a woman showing that her work would be rated as equivalent to that of a male comparator under a fair job evaluation scheme. Trade unions can also advise on job evaluation. This means that the jobs done by a woman and her male comparator are different, but can be regarded as being of equal value in terms of the demands they impose such as the:.

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    In some cases, the jobs being compared may appear broadly similar, such as a female head of personnel and a male head of finance. More commonly, entirely different types of jobs, such as manual and administrative, can turn out to be of equal value when analysed in terms of the demands made on the employee.

    How Can We Create Equality in the Workplace? (Inside "For Working Women")

    Although not mandatory, the most reliable and objective approach you can take to assessing whether your employees are doing work of equal value is to use a job evaluation scheme. Case law suggests that unless there is 'an overall measurable and significant difference' between the demands of the jobs being compared, they will be regarded as being of equal value. Small differences will not prevent the jobs from being equal in value. The tribunal said that the applicants scored so closely that the differences between them and the comparator were not relevant and made no material difference.

    The tribunal concluded that there was no measurable and significant difference between the jobs under consideration.

    Definition of Equality in the Workplace

    Their conclusion was supported by the evidence of the Independent Expert who, under cross-examination, admitted that if he, as a manager, had been responsible for grading the jobs, the difference between them would not have led to any difference in grading. In Murphy v Bord Telecom Eireann [] IRLR ECJ , the European Court of Justice decided that the right to equal pay for work of equal value did not only apply to situations where the work was of exactly the same or very close value, but also applied to situations where the woman was being paid less for work of greater value.

    In such a situation you would have to give the woman parity with her male comparator, but you would not have to pay her more than him. You cannot use a comparator who does work of greater value and claim a proportion of their pay. Equal value does not mean that a woman is entitled to a proportion of her comparator's pay, which is equivalent to the proportionate value of her job compared to his.

    If you are involved in an employment dispute or are seeking information on employment rights and rules, you can contact the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service Acas :. Home Our work Equal pay What is equal pay? Equal pay explained What is equal work? Pages in this section E Equal pay What is equal pay? Risky practices What does equal pay mean for employees?

    Why equal pay matters How to implement equal pay What is the difference between the gender pay gap and equal pay? What is equal work?