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She has two amazing kids and the unconditional love of her Border Collie, Max. Nancy's a USA today bestselling author of more than 60 novels. When she's not writing, she's hiking, skiing, traveling or sipping wine. Nancy Warren. Chapter Four. Chapter Thirteen. Chapter Fifteen. Chapter Seventeen. Chapter TwentyThree. Right, onto the positives; this story kept me guessing all the way to the very end. That is the reason for 4 stars instead of 3 because it takes a great mystery writer to keep me guessing and Nancy achieved it with this!

Feb 28, Joyce rated it liked it. An easy and light read. Mar 23, Ted Tayler rated it liked it. It was a different twist for a mystery story line, and it's fairly well written, but I can't see that single quirk being able to sustain a three book series. I was hoping for an easy, fast read, but looking at the chapters I skipped, I was in for a long slog. Sorry, not my shade of lipstick. Mar 17, Katharine Kimbriel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: amateur detective fans, cozy readers, people who like to follow a light mystery series.

Shelves: mystery , humor. Toni Diamond she was married just long enough to gain a one-in-a-million last name never met a women who couldn't be enhanced by the Lady Bianca makeup line. As one of their top sellers, Toni lives and breathes her business, even when she recognizes that it's not a fairy tale business.

Toni Diamond Mysteries | Awards | LibraryThing

She's got a sharp eye both for commerce and for detail, and also an appreciation for the humor of a situation. Toni has fought her way to the top of a competitive business, and she's earned her fake Recommended. Toni has fought her way to the top of a competitive business, and she's earned her fake and real diamonds and the nice home that took her out of the trailer park where her mother still happily lives. When a woman is murdered at the Lady Bianca national convention in Dallas, Toni's sharp eye sees details that the sexy attending detective might miss--details that have the police on the trail of a serial killer whose next victim might just be Toni Diamond.

I thought that this was a cute amateur detective story, almost a cozy except for a dash of sex. Toni is intelligent and sympathetic, a capable people-handler with good instincts about management and murder. The supporting cast including her mother, a smart women of ghastly taste, and her daughter, whose current joy is Goth everything is appealing, the current love interest an attractive person, and the characters are not too stupid to live while solving the story.

Mystery | Suspense | Thriller

I'd return to Toni's world to find out what happens next--and you even get a few makeup tips along the line! Recommended to anyone checking out a new cozy series, or in the mood for a few grins while enjoying a more classic, murders off-stage mystery. It has a long sex scene that didn't add anything to our understanding of the characters, which is the only reason I didn't run off right away for more of the series.

But I plan to return to it. Apr 28, Susie Kline rated it really liked it. This was genuinely a pleasant surprise to read! I've been waffling about reading lately, knitting and watching TV instead. Then I volunteered to review this book. I am so glad I did!

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My reading mojo is back! Maybe I just found it intriguing because I once sold Avon Toni Diamond sells Lady Bianca cosmetics with flash and flair, using her last name to her advantage. She's a director with the company and ready to shine and sparkle all those diamonds help! But people keep getting murdered! Determined to put her over-sized and carefully contoured nose into the investigation, she gets in deeper than she wants. Well, except when she's in the arms of Detective Luke Marciano Makeup and murder make for an exciting combination at the Lady Bianca convention. This is one year the participants--the ones who manage to survive!

Get this book ASAP! It's a fun, fast read! View 2 comments. Sep 30, Cait rated it liked it. This was a free book from Kobo. I love mysteries, so the description of the book drew my interest. The story itself is pretty good. When she attends a Lady Bianca convention at a hotel, she discovers that there may be a serial killer staying at the hotel who is targeting fellow LB reps. Toni has good instincts, and tries to help solve the mystery, but can't stick her nose into the investigation without recei This was a free book from Kobo. Toni has good instincts, and tries to help solve the mystery, but can't stick her nose into the investigation without receiving a few threats herself.

There is, obviously, a detective who becomes a possible love interest. However, there is enough twists in the story to keep it from being too similar to all of the other women sleuth novels. I didn't like that the story talked about Toni's mother a lot, but didn't actually give her mother a name until the author remembered that she needed one. I also didn't like how it didn't mention anything more about Melody at the end. I would have liked to know how she felt. Overall, it was a fun read, and I enjoyed it.

Sep 25, Anika rated it liked it. Rate: 3. It was about a convention in hotel where Members of the Bicana makeup met. There was a woman who died and police first think it could be related to the Bicana makeup conference but Toni Diamond one of the leading women at the conference does not want the company's reputation associated with the murder so she and sexy cop Luke go about trying to find out the killer. But there's another murder and it is Toni Rate: 3. But there's another murder and it is Toni's frenemy so naturally everyone is talking about her and the fight that they had earlier.

It was a good book. Dec 27, Elizabeth Olson rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , read This was a freebie, so I gave it a shot and enjoyed it more than I expected to. The Mary Kay-ish heroine had a lot more steel and more brains than I would have expected, and the mystery kept me guessing. Jan 10, Renae Rogers rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was a lot of fun. The MC was sharp and observant. The makeup tips were actually useful and accessible. And I really got an insight into a world I only knew a tiny bit about. My mum was a consultant for a direct sales cosmetic company at one point and I knew a little bit about the company structure. What I didn't know about, since she was one of the people who joined mostly just to receive the discount on purchase prices, was the whole actual business of selling. The friendly fishing.

T This book was a lot of fun. The more persuasive methods that someone might use to sell. And oh my gosh, the amount of stuff some of these women choose to keep on hand so they're stocked up for a client who might want something.

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And then the company changes their colours each year and the old stock is verboten. They give out samples to each makeover client but the colours from last year are no longer allowed to be used. What is a person supposed to do with all that suddenly worthless stock? I get that it's good for the company in that their sales occurred already.

They got their money. What about the poor on-seller? At least back in my mum's day, she only carried her demonstration stock for doing parties and if anyone wanted anything, she put an order in at that point. That way, she wasn't carrying a whole lot of stock she might not be able to shift and hadn't outlaid a whole lot of money she wouldn't be able to recoup.

Sorry, I digress. Except that I'm not, because that's actually all relevant.

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Anyway, it was very interesting. I'm conflicted about what she does for a living and her viewpoint on makeup, but the quotes at the beginning of each chapter were food for thought. I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I expected yet another formulaic cozy, especially since this mystery involves a scenario murder at a convention for Mary Kay or Avon type make up consultants who get their business via home parties that could so easily fall into something that falls short, like a bowling ball hitting the gutter instead of the pins.

Frosted Shadow, A Toni Diamond Mystery: A Romantic Comedy Mystery

But to my delight, I connected with these characters and did not want to put this book down. It probably helps that I have exp I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. It probably helps that I have experience with the type of sales convention that is the background of this story. In the '60s and '70s when I was a kid, my mom sold Beeline apparel via home parties, and I accompanied her to some conventions and also did some modelling of the kids line. As an adult, I have attended conventions related to a couple of sales ventures in which I became involved.

The scenario in this story of Toni and the Lady Bianca convention is totally real. I love Toni's family life behind her big Texas hair and Lady Bianca makeup perfection. That's a pretty tough balance, and I commend the author. I will definitely be seeking out more of the Toni Diamond series! Jan 28, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: e-books. This is a cute cozy mystery, and the first of a series.

I will be checking out the others. Toni Diamond is an independent consultant for Lady Bianca cosmetics, and she's at the annual convention where diamond rings, mink coats, and more will be given out for those who meet the highest production goals. If this sounds to you like a thinly disguised version of Mary Kay, this former rep says you're right. So, I did a lot of snickering.

Anyway, a woman turns up dead in one of the convention rooms with This is a cute cozy mystery, and the first of a series. Anyway, a woman turns up dead in one of the convention rooms with a new makeover and a pocket full of samples Toni is asked by one of the local policemen, Luke, whether she knows the woman. She doesn't, but she sure knows the makeup!

So, the woman her mother calls nosy we get to meet her mother and daughter as well inserts herself into the investigation. There another subplot involving infighting among beauty consultants over whose team will sell the most although it's technically on who orders the most wholesale Cute, entertaining and not at particularly gory given that it's a murder mystery.

Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story (In the Shadows Book 1) by P.T. Michelle

Holly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adventure. From skydiving to jet-setting around Europe, from snorkeling in coral reefs to writing while wearing beautiful silk peignoir sets and popping chocolate bonbons, Holly Jacobs leads a life that is the epitome of romance Well, my fictional life sounds more interesting, but not better than my real life.

Really, I'm the happily married mother of four. I cook a lot, garden and weave baskets! I write for Montlake Romance and Harlequin. My books range from lighthearted comedies to more serious dramas Barbara Cool Lee. Barbara Cool Lee is the author of the Pajaro Bay mystery romance series, as well as the Deeds of the Ariane fantasy series.

Her books have won many awards, but she thinks the biggest prize is hearing from readers who enjoy her stories. She lives in a cottage by the sea on the California coast, where she's busy writing her next novel. If you would like to be first to find out when Barb's next book is released, join the mailing list at her website at www. Jennifer Skully. If you like your romantic suspense fast-paced and laced with humor, try award-winning author Jennifer Skully. Jennifer adores quirky characters.

The whackier the better! After a long hiatus, Jennifer Skully is back!