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  1. Phishing, Scams and Spam
  2. 5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For
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In telecom fraud, the calls tend to come from offshore call centres and the proceeds are usually transferred overseas. Police raided 33 call centres based in Asia and arrested 1, people, suspected mostly of coordinating or placing cold calls to victims in other countries worldwide to deceive them into paying money.


Phishing, Scams and Spam

Typical modus operandi involved them pretending to be relatives in trouble and needing money, or posing as public officials requesting payments for services. Assets worth 3,47 million USD were seized.

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Social engineering scams. Business Email Compromise Fraud. We monitor the new ways criminals trick victims into giving out confidential information and funds.

Social engineering Scams cons tricks and fraud

Forewarned is forearmed Understanding the mechanism behind these different types of fraud is crucial to warn unsuspecting members of public so they are not taken unawares. Telecom fraud Random victims are contacted by a criminal claiming to be a friend, relative or someone in a position of authority and tricked into parting with money.

5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For

Business Email Compromise Criminals hack into email systems to gain information about corporate payment systems, then deceive company employees into transferring money into their bank account. See also. Common forms of ransomware include Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, TeslaCrypt and 7ev3n. These advertisements are usually integrated into free software programs that a user downloads. Viruses : Viruses are most commonly spread by means of e-mail generally via infected attachments or links to infected websites , rogue instant messenger links, or exploitations of unpatched Windows computers.

Social Engineering

If an email looks suspicious to you, do not open links or attachments in it. Ransomware : Just like other viruses, a computer can be infected from clicking a malicious link in an email attachment or downloading a malicious file. A phone can be at risk from malicious apps. Think before clicking on links or downloading apps. Hover over links on your computer to make sure the link is actually pointing to where it should be.

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Also, keep your devices updated: Having the most current versions of software especially anti-virus and operating systems keeps your machine safer. Adware and Spyware : Stay away from torrent applications and sites that offer streaming and downloading of movies at no cost.