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Junior science book of penguins / by Patricia Lauber - Details - Trove

The unexpected happens; grief and disillusionment set in. But as Smith heads toward a new decade in her own life, she offers this balm to the reader: her wisdom, wit, gimlet eye, and above all, a rugged hope for a better world. More about Patti Smith. Part travel journal, part reflexive essay on our times, and part meditation on existence at the edge of a new decade of life. Effortlessly weaving together fiction and nonfiction, Smith takes readers on two unique journeys: one that can be traced on a map and one, infinitely richer and more complex, that takes place inside her head and heart.

In her capable hands, a simple look at New York City in winter becomes a flash of beautiful poetry. This is a book about Smith and the world all around. And that is just one more reason why everyone should read it. Smith does not rage against her approaching 70th birthday, nor does she turn away from it. She finds art everywhere, and remains a pioneer, the same rules-shattering poet and National Book Award-winning writer.

Smith is aglow; she moves through this world as a time-traveler, an eavesdropper, a vagrant, a vagabond in the land of literature and life; she is a human mirror. Reflecting on clarifying dreams, worrying for our shared future, Smith reminds us that the only remedy for a broken reality is more truth.

She reaches, with a lucid and luminous hand, for the buoyancy that is our lifeline. Smith sees mystical connections everywhere—and, floating along on the drifts of her words, the reader does, too. She summons this scene, this moment, giving it the weight of a reckoning.

Year of the Monkey reminds us that despair and possibility often spring from the same source. Year of the Monkey [is] her preternatural latest memoir.

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In this slim, hallucinatory volume, Smith roves the country in real time, visiting favorite haunts, hitching rides with strangers, contemplating the fuzzy border between waking and dreaming, and mourning the results of the presidential election. But just as a sense of gloom begins to settle, the sun peeks through the clouds. Smith gives voice in the book to a national feeling of grief framed by her own personal losses; she sums up the nexus of aging, steeped in reflection and loss.

She notices every detail like a photographer, with her words exquisitely framed by nuance. We follow her as she hitchhikes through the desert and gets left for dead, meets weirdos and mystics in diners up and down the coast, then takes off for Kentucky to help the playwright Sam Shepard finish his final project.

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Grief on a colossal, national scale has a way of making the most personal, quotidian sufferings feel small and unimportant. At the same time, it makes those typical human tragedies appear suddenly of a piece with the world around them. Patti Smith writes beautifully. Smith [has a] peculiar brand of wandering—dead phone, no car, scant provisions, vague itinerary. Year of the Monkey [also] includes charming, quirky photos by the author, and achingly sweet recollections. Losses surround her [in] the year she turns 70—a year of devastation, with catastrophes both unique to her life and ones shared across America.

As she crosses the country in a series of solitary adventures infused with the memories of her life on the road, she meets the world with curiosity and openness. The many [who] revere Smith will take a thrill in her vivid recollections of long ago days on the stage and the streets of Greenwich Village, while anyone consumed by the fears of today will find them expressed vividly by a beautiful voice.

She weaves threads of everyday experiences and warm recollections together in the manner of a waking dream. Funny moments make Smith relatable. The narrative thread is transformation. She is equally a participant and observer of life; as much as art provides sustenance and solace for her in troubled times, by the end she is invoking a greater call to action.

If there is anyone capable of living in the past, present and future simultaneously, and occupying space between reality and dreams, it is Smith. You simply need to surrender to it to be inspired. Along the way, she meets fellow nomads, mourns for loved ones both in the process of dying and those long gone, and she drinks a whole lot of coffee. A keen observer of the world around her, Smith is equally adept at documenting her inner terrain.

Her career has been a study of language, with interest in melodic refrains, surreal images, and reverent tones. A stunning, soothing work. Through her trips, cups of coffee, and dreams, Smith radiates compassionate and concern as she meditates upon the practice of sitting with loss and change during ever-turbulent times. With great tenderness, she describes visiting Sam Shepard in the final months of his life and helping him get his last book completed. Smith writes with fresh lucidity, wit, bittersweet wonder, and stoic sorrow, shifting in tone from lyrical to hallucinatory to hard-boiled as she describes her meditative and investigative meanderings along the Pacific coast and in the desert.

She remembers her life-saving childhood library and a cherished, then dying friend. Smith also chronicles with exquisite poignancy her last visits with her soul mate Sam Shepherd. Elegiac, vital, and magical. Smith wanders between waking and dreaming in a year filled with the death of a close friend and the political turmoil of the election. What he wants is adventure. Caught under the pounding Caribbean sun, surrounded by a crew of dimwits, this captain longs for a simpler life. Free from his itchy sunburns. Free from the endless travel.

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If only he could find such a place. About The Author.


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