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Avoiding an Unexpected Tax Bill

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You have options that could not only avoid the tax on the capital gain associated with an outright sale of the lot, but also get you a charitable deduction to help offset the income tax on As companies continue to expand their global reach through the online sales of goods and services, authorities are focusing more attention on the taxation of thes Nonprofit leaders need to know the ins and outs of unrelated business income and excess benefits to avoid landing in hot water with the IRS. California manufacturers and certain researchers and developers may qualify for partial exemption of sales and use tax on certain equipment purchases and leases.

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Taxpayers should be aware that the due date for Form W-2 and certain s is now January Make sure you file by this date, as failure to do so can result in increased penalties. As you chart your compliance strategy for , here are some underutilized tax incentives to consider.

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This article details six actions to take before year end. We explain the requirements and extension. The FASB published an update that requires businesses to recognize the immediate income tax consequences of intracompany asset transfers. We explain the details surrounding this decision. We explain the ruling and detail the impact on workers and taxes. The election of Donald Trump and Republicans retaining control of Congress, will likely result in an overhaul of the U.

We provide an overview of amounts related to individual income taxes, the alternative minimum tax and more. The IRS has issued final regulations intended to keep multinational companies from moving their profits offshore to avoid paying U. We explain the details of these regulations. The IRS has issued regulations addressing issues related to partnerships.

The regulations are intended to eliminate abuse of partnership tax benefits. We offer an in-depth look. Here is what you need to know to stay protected. The IRS has issued final regulations regarding certain retirement plan rollovers. We explain the tax advantages of Roth accounts and detail how the new regulations are taxpayer-friendly. When it comes to your nonprofit, it is important to be on the lookout for the warning signs of fraud.

Nothing raises more ire with your state attorney general than excess benefit transactions—someone in your organization receiving more benefit from a transaction than your nonprofit. The IRS proposed regulations to minimize gift and estate taxes when transferring interests in closely held family businesses to relatives.

Act now on the current The FASB recently decided to draft its long-awaited proposal on income tax disclosure. Giving Days is a great way for nonprofits to engage donors online and establish new donor relationships that can lead to long-team sustainability. Maximize your opportunities with these t One of the quickest ways to raise the ire of a state attorney general is to drop the ball on charitable solicitation registration. We detail the level of tax identity theft, explain the risks for individuals and businesses and offer prevention tips.

The DOL released a final rule that makes dramatic changes to the determination of which executive, administrative and professional employees are entitled to overtime pay under the FLSA Act. We discuss the changes and why you should partner with an expert. The deadline has been extended to June 29, Taxpayers should be aware that con artists are posing as the IRS in attempt to steal personal and financial information.

If you get a fraudulent call or message, In the first quarter of , FASB plans to issue a proposal that will require businesses to reveal more details about domestic and foreign tax payments. On Dec.


We provide a quick rundown of some of the key tax breaks that have been extended or made permanent for individuals and businesses. Now is the time for affected employers to begin assembling the necessary ACA information. This article details what information is required to complete Forms On June 26, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision on same-sex marriage, which will affect tax and estate planning for many couples and also impact their employers.

The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of was signed into law on July 31; the 34th stopgap extension of transportation programs since Funding is a challenge for arts and cultural nonprofits, yet some have found inventive revenue streams. The bad news: they could be creating unrelated business ta When is an endowment not an endowment? The recently released ACA transition relief period for small employers those with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees includes and the first six m The IRS and Treasury proposed regulations that provide a definition of software developed primarily for internal use and describe software not developed primarily As tax rules evolve worldwide, companies with global operations need to adapt their corporate structures and tax strategies to maintain a tax advantage.

A summary of when various tax-related forms, payments and other activities are due for individuals and families, as well as businesses, corporations, partner In the nonprofit world, risks are everywhere and unwary organizations can be blind-sided. Consider these key areas of exposure and ways you can protect your nonprofit. With inflation remaining in check, many cost-of-living amounts increased only slightly. As you implement year-end tax planning strategies, consider these adjustments. Sales tax is a tax on the sale at retail of tangible personal property and certain enumerated services.

Leases generally fall within the definition of taxable sales. Use tax is a tax on the storing, using, co Two little words can be used to describe what I predict will happen to the tax law in not much. The IRS has released a combined reporting form and simplified reporting methods to comply with recent ACA requirements. CFOs seeking to gain a more strategic leadership role need to take charge of tax planning - one of the most important issues companies need to consider when expanding.

On Nov. On June 26, the U. Supreme Court issued two landmark decisions that could dramatically affect tax and estate planning for same-sex married couples. California continues to be one of the more expensive states to conduct business in. Before packing your bags and crossing the state line, there are a few things to consider on the tax side. If your nonprofit has not evaluated its potential costs related to the employer health care mandate effective January 1, , do not delay any longer.

Similar to the taxation of downloaded software 15 years ago, states are adapting or altering their taxing regimes to keep up with the evo The American Taxpayer Relief Act of ATRA preserved lower income tax rates for most individual taxpayers and made many other income and estate tax law changes.

It also extended a number of business tax breaks. This article focuses on non-resident entertainers coming to the U. On November 20, , the IRS and Treasury Department issued Notice alerting taxpayers to expect final regulations regarding the deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property in ear The tax law imposes stringent requirements for deducting charitable gifts of property.

Flow-through businesses, which, at least for federal purposes, are subject to individual rather than corporate income tax rates face scheduled income tax rate hikes for A successful distributor must be able to reduce overall costs and cut its time to market, all while improving the quality of its delivery. Supreme Court ruling has drawn attention to the far-reaching provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of The Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB last week issued revised standards for public and private companies on how to test indefinite-lived intangible assets, other than goodwill, for impairment.

On July 13, the staff of the U. Federal and state tax authorities say they lose many millions of dollars in revenue due to the misclassification of workers. Before you sell equipment or patent rights to a company affiliate, think twice about the price. With revenue-hungry governments worldwide The IRS released guidance and forms that employers can use to claim a tax credit for hiring veterans that explains the expanded Work Opportunity credit. Department of Treasury and the IRS have issued sweeping proposed regulations implementing information reporting and withholding tax provisions for foreign financial institutions FFIs.

The IRS has announced a new program that allows eligible employers to voluntarily reclassify workers as employees, rather than independent contractors, for future tax periods. For an individual searching for a powerful wealth transfer device and a charity searching for current cash flow, now is the perfect time to utilize a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust CLAT.

But it also influences the business valuation.

Getting your company ready for an IPO isn't easy, nor is it cheap; in fact, it's disruptive and takes people out of their comfort zones. But that's exactly why you should consider preparing for the IPO well in advance Just in time to prevent the country from defaulting on its financial obligations, Congress passed and the president signed the Budget Control Act of In an aggressive move to close the tax gap — the difference between tax owed and what is actually paid to the federal government — the IRS has increased its ranks significantly, hiring 1, additional new Deal volume in the U.

Take advantage of unprecedented wealth transfer opportunities and build flexibility into your plan. The Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs provide incentive payments to eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals CAHs as they adopt, implement, upgrade or demonstrate meaningfu If you are a California company that pays a nonresident of California income from sources in California, you may potentially have to withhold and send the Franchise Tax Board FTB seven percent of all payments that e A new tax law passed in Congress on gift and estate taxes may prompt clients to think about strategy in near-future gifting.

The extension of the lower income and capital gains tax rates was set to expire Dec. The IRS recently issued a final regulation that marks the culmination of its efforts to require certain corporations to submit information related to uncertain tax positions along with their income tax returns, beginn A smart gifting strategy is always an important piece of an estate plan. But thanks to a confluence of four factors — depressed ass The recent economic downturn, coupled with the tightening of the credit market, is affecting all types of businesses, including S corporations. This article highlights tax issues and planning opportunities that m In , nonprofits will need to look more closely at their Form and b plans.

And when they do, they will find plenty of people looking over their shoulder. One of the key income tax benefits of life insurance policies is that, in general, proceeds received by the beneficiary on the death of the insured are excluded from income In addition to extending unemployment benefits and enhancing NOL tax breaks for businesses, the act exten In addition to extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans and enhancing the ho On October 15, , the IRS released various rates, limits and other inflation-indexed amounts for Not surprisingly, given low inflation deflation in some cases , many amounts will be the same for as they The one-year repeal was a The ASU reports on new disclosure requirements — and clarifications of existing re Federal tax authorities in February launched an initiative to expand its scrutiny of the employment tax practices of nonprofit hospitals and other tax-exempt organizations, and Armanino experts say the initiative Just before an important deadline for the homebuyer credit was set to expire July 1, Congress extended it.

But the extension will benefit taxpayers only in limited circumstances. If your organization fil The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PPACA , signed into law in March, offers a valuable new tax credit to eligible small businesses and nonprofits that provide health coverage to their employees. The new law gives small tax-exempt organizations that provide health care coverage to their employees eligibility for Businesses will need to be aware and prepare for the implications of tax standard FIN 48 and the affect it will have on financial statements.

Armanino is excited to host our exclusive VIP event on th Enjoy a selection of You may have Series EE savings bonds that were bought many years ago. Perhaps you store them in a file cabinet or safe deposit box and rarely think We all know the cost of college is expensive. Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the fourth quarter of Keep in mind that this l These payments must be sent to Fortunately, they may After you celebrate, be ready to deal with the tax consequences Hiring a housekeeper, gardener or other household The election has long provided a tax windfall to businesses, During your working days, you pay Social Security tax in the form of withholding from your salary or self-employment tax.

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And when you start receiv Now that most schools are out for the summer, you might be sending your children to day camp. The good news: You Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the third quarter of Keep in mind that this li When you retire, you may consider moving to another state — say, for the weather or to be closer to your loved ones. The IRS just released its audit statistics for the fiscal year, and fewer taxpayers had their returns examined as compared with prior years.

The kids Spring and summer are the optimum seasons for selling a home. And interest rates are currently attractive, so buyers may be out in full force in yo Have you recently started a new business? Or are you contemplating starting one? Launching a new venture is a hectic, exciting time. And as you kno Once your tax return has been successfully filed with the IRS, you may still have some questions.

Here are brief answers to three questions th Americans who are 65 and older qualify for basic Medicare insurance, and they may need to pay additional premiums to get the level of coverage they Do you want to save more for retirement on a tax-favored basis? If so, and if you qualify, you can make a deductible traditional IRA contribution f If you participate in a qualified retirement plan, such as a k , you must generally begin taking required withdrawals from the plan no later th Did you make large gifts to your children, grandchildren or other heirs last year?

Individuals also can deduct them in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the Ta What Is Tax Identity Theft? In a tax identity theft scheme, a thief uses your personal information to file a fraudulent tax return early in the fil Commercial buildings and improvements generally are depreciated over 39 years, which essentially means you can deduct a portion of the cost every y The dawning of means the income tax filing season will soon be upon us.

Retirement plan contribution limits are indexed for inflation, and many have gone up for , giving you opportunities to increase your retirement Do you have investments outside of tax-advantaged retirement plans? If so, you might still have time to shrink your tax bill by selling some i Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the first quarter of Prepaying property taxes related to the current year but due the following year has long been one of the most popular and effective year-end tax-pl Will you be age 50 or older on December 31?

Are you still working? Are you already contributing to your k plan or Savings Incentive Match Plan To take A tried-and-true year end tax strategy is to make charitable donations. As long as you itemize and your gift qualifies, you can claim a charitable Some of your medical expenses may be tax deductible, but only if you itemize deductions and have enough expenses to exceed the applicable floor for Many people choose to pass assets to the next generation during life, whether to reduce the size of their taxable estate, to help out family member For investors, fall is a good time to review year-to-date gains and losses.

Not only can it help you assess your financial health, but it also can In general To avoid interest and penalties, you must make sufficient federal income tax payments long before your April filing deadline through withholding, e If you gamble, be sure you understand the tax consequences. Both wins and losses can affect your income tax bill. And changes under the Tax Cuts an But what if you convert your traditi Once upon a time, some parents and grandparents would attempt to save tax by putting investments in the names of their young children or grandchild Because donations to charity of cash or property generally are tax deductible if you itemize , it only seems logical that the donation of somethin There continues to be much uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act and how such uncertainty will impact health care costs.

But the new law also made major changes Many Americans relocate to another state when they retire. Today many employees receive stock-based compensation from their employer as part of their compensation and benefits package. The tax consequences But the losses that can be deducted are limited by tax law in some situations. In many parts of the country, summer is peak season for selling a home.

With the April 17 individual income tax filing deadline behind you or with your tax return on the back burner if you filed for an extension , Tax-advantaged retirement plans like IRAs allow your money to grow tax-deferred — or, in the case of Roth accounts, tax-free. The deadline for Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the second quarter of Home ownership is a key element of the American dream for many, and the U. If you If you purchased qualifying property by December 31, , you may be able to take advantage of Section expensing on your tax return.

Whether you had a child in college or graduate school last year or were a student yourself, you may be eligible for some valuable tax breaks on y With rising health care costs, claiming whatever tax breaks related to health care that you can is more important than ever. Corporate Tax Outsourcing The complexities involved in developing and implementing a powerful enterprise-wide tax strategy can be daunting even for the largest public company.

Tax Planning, Structuring and Compliance The tax decisions you make today can affect all aspects of your professional and personal life. International Tax Services Tax is an inescapable dimension of almost every business activity and in every jurisdiction where an individual or company conducts business. IPO Tax Consulting Companies considering going public can no longer rely on the same group of linked spreadsheets to calculate tax. Nonprofit Tax Services Associations, faith-based organizations, foundations, charities, private schools and other nonprofit entities need a tax partner with extensive experience with tax-exempt organizations.

Sales and Use Tax Sales and use tax penalties can be substantial for many companies. Tax Provision For growing companies, working with disparate data sources and facing tight deadlines is often one of the most challenging tasks. The newly proposed regs provide guidance on some areas not covered in the final regs. Post- Wayfair taxation in Colorado has extra quirks because the state constitution allows many municipalities to self-govern. This can create a disconnect between state and municipality sales tax rules for thing Tax Alert: Significant Oregon and Washington State Tax Developments Oregon's new corporate activity tax and Washington state's business and occupation tax surcharges have the potential to make a substantial impact on companies doing business in those states.

Tax Alert: Update on Altera v. Commissioner and Impact on Cost-Sharing Agreements The Ninth Circuit has upheld the validity of the cost-sharing regulation that requires stock-based compensation to be treated as a cost-shared cost. Companies that have excluded stock-based compensation from their cost-s Opportunity Zones Equal Significant Tax Benefits Investing in a qualified opportunity zone allows taxpayers to reduce and delay taxes on profits from businesses, stocks and investment partnerships if the money is reinvested in one of the country's 8, designated dist The TCJA has glitches that require legislative fixes, and a number of expired tax breaks have not been extended.

It remains to be seen if Congress will resolve any of the issues in the near future. The Department of Labor Proposes Updated Overtime Rule The proposed overtime exemption rule is generally better for employers than the update to the existing rule. San Francisco and Los Angeles Tax Filing Deadline Reminder California local taxes have upcoming filing deadlines, and business owners should be aware of how ever-changing nexus rules could affect what they owe.

Some uncertainty remains regarding the global intangible low-taxed income regime, the base erosion and anti-abuse tax and realization of deferred tax Federal Government Shutdown Creates Tax Filing Uncertainty Despite the government shutdown, adhere to the current tax deadlines currently in place. Take advantage of adjustments such as higher gift and estate tax exemptions as you plan for Reporting for Income Taxes The FASB plans to revisit the financial reporting effects from the new tax law and evaluate whether it should retain its prohibition on backwards tracing and add more disclosures.

IRS issues guidance on new bonus depreciation rules Businesses that have put assets into place this year have improved options for claiming bonus depreciation, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Is More Tax Reform on the Horizon? Court Rejects Deductible Theft Loss for Real Estate Scam Investors face a real risk of fraudulent real estate scams, and as a recent legal case shows, they may not be able to claim a tax deduction for fraud losses. While the guidance provides some valuable information, it also leaves some questions unanswered. Brush Up on the Tax Rules for Rental Property Owners Real estate investors who are thinking about buying rental properties need to understand the basic federal tax rules for rental income and expenses.

The IRS recently provided information about these loans, and the news is good. Ways to Keep Your Properties More Profitable There are ways for commercial property owners and investors to enhance profits regardless of whether the market is up or down. The Ins and Outs of Defeasance Commercial real estate prices are trending up in many areas and interest rates may soon follow, so some property owners are considering exiting their loans early via defeasance.

Be aware that some deadlines have been moved up or pushed back compared to previous years. Election to Apply the Research Credit Against Payroll Taxes If you are a qualified small business, subject to limits, you can elect to apply all or some of any research tax credits that you earn against your payroll taxes instead of your income tax. House and Senate Tax Bills Head to Reconciliation Take Action: As tax reform hits the homestretch, consider the implications for you and your business.

How could proposed tax law changes affect your year-end tax planning? Ways and Means Committee released its sweeping bill to reform the tax code. Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses: Looming Tax Reform Creates Planning Challenges As the end of approaches, the prospect of dramatic tax reform makes year-end tax planning especially challenging for businesses. Project your income and expenses and estimate your tax picture under various ref Houghton Mifflin acquired December Domino's Pizza acquired September The Weather Channel invested September DIC Entertainment acquired September Sealy Corporation acquired November Burlington Coat Factory acquired January Dunkin' Donuts acquired December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American investment firm. This article is about the investment firm. For the management consulting company, see Bain and Company. Main article: Bain Capital Ventures. Selected Bain Capital investments. Staples Inc. Guitar Center acquired June Gymboree acquired October Burger King acquired December Brookstone acquired Bain Capital. Retrieved December 3, The Daily Beast. Retrieved July 22, Statistics Brain. Retrieved September 6, The Christian Science Monitor.

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Romney was reported in various capacities on SEC filings during this period. Atlantic Wire. CNN Money. Retrieved September 30, Retrieved April 27, The Street. June 20, Archived from the original on September 15, Retrieved September 26, Retrieved September 17, Archived from the original on February 16, Archived from the original on December 30, Retrieved July 8, October 10, Archived from the original on July 20, Oregon Live.

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