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Patrick decides to impulsively attack, only for his suit to be disabled and disarmed, literally.

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The goal of phase 2 was revealing that the AEU was hiding hangars in the orbital elevator. The two units destroyed all AEU units launched to continue showing its power. The terrorist were able to enter the protective shield of the array to attack the High Orbital Station. With no chance of interception the situation seemed dire, before Kyrios swoops in and destroys the missiles.

Proceeding to destroy all terrorist units, Kyrios was unable to destroy one unit, which was on a suicide mission towards the tower. Coincidentally within the Orbital elevator whilst it was celebrating its 10th anniversary of operation, a JNN news crew was present and able to film part of the combat. The news of the battles were circling the world with images of Virtue. Before long, a video recording is released, showing a bearded man , who introduces Celestial Being , a private army dedicated to eradicating war, by using force through the mobile weapon, Gundam.

They will attack any countries, religion, or organization that promotes warfare. As the message is broadcast world wide it shows glimpses of the three superpower leaders and several key characters within the series. The final words of the episode introduces that the pilots are called Gundam Meisters.

A wakening of the Trailblazer. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Plot It is , and the Kurdish Republic is fighting against the forces of Azadistan. So who wouldn't get freaked out, being all alone in it? Episode 12, The Prisoner of Hancock House. The team arrives at the house and something stinks. I'm finally getting back up to speed! Patreons are two episodes ahead - any donation to the show, gets you episodes earlier! Gun For Hire by Mack Reynolds part 2 of 2. Working hard to get these back on schedule. Heads Up. Another of the shorts we worked on in the Sunday livestream twitch.

A quick look at a very unlucky space traveller. Gun For Hire part 1 of 2 by Mack Reynolds. In a slightly familiar type of story, a thug from the distant past is bought to an idyllic future because no one does violence any more. The Night Sucks more. This is the final episode we finished. I ran out of time and energy, and Broken eye Books and Clinton Boomer, while being awesome folks, were as shoestring financially as I am, so no hope of this being a "real job" any time Hole Behind Midnight, episode Shopping Therapy!

As a note - I'm cutting out the ads and extra credits and making compilations of every three episodes for all my Patreon supporters!!! Not a bad time to join as a supporter, eh? Honey Sweet Licks Gentleman's Club. Hole Behind Midnight, episode 9. Hole Behind Midnight, episode 8. Hole Behind Midnight, episode 7. Hole Behind Midnight, episode 6. Hole Behind Midnight, episode 5. Hole Behind Midnight, part 4. Hole behind midnight, part 3. I promised I would upload these here, for posterity. I have only so much space to use, so they will be spread out among the atomic Julies. Boomer, that I was trying to dramatize.

I ran out of Larson's Luck by Gerald Vance. Space pilots can be as lucky as anyone else. Homing in on the killer, they need every trick in the book. Why an outhouse?

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It's kind of in there. The Eyes Have it part 3 of 5 by Randall Garrett. The investigation continues and some drastic measures must be used. Native Son by T. Earth isn't always friendly to its far-flung children. The Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 9.

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Assembling the clues to uncover the Count's murderer may be a messy business. When longevity makes overpopulation a household thing - a household of dozens crammed cheek-to-jowl - the hope of a little breathing room is all that's left. In an alternate earth history line, where the Plantagenets never lost the British throne and magic is church Catholic, of course sanctioned but only to carefully vetted and licensed sorcerers , a murderbrings king's investigator Lord Darcy to the The Big Bounce by Walter S.

Inventing a substance that could possibly bounce indefinitely was relatively easy. Stopping it from doing so was not! Make sure to take the handy dandy "who listens to audio drama..? All Day Wednesday by Richard Olin. If the same day repeats and you don't realize it, how can you get what you want? Deadeye Kid - Taste of the Beholder, part 7. It has come to my attention I never posted the final piece of this. Crazy year, eh?

In the Year by Verne. Attributed to Jules Verne, but probably written by his son Michel, this story written in predicted the far future The Gifts of Asti, part 2 of 2, by Andre Norton. An ancient find may mean a new hope! Amateur in Chancery by George O. Communication only works when both sides understand the same basic concepts. The Gifts of Asti part 1 of 2 by Andre Norton. A priestess in a fantasy world faces tragedy. The Aggravation of Elmer by Robert Arthur. A genius is dangerous enough, but when the genius is also a child? Homesick by Lyn Venable.

Just shows how well we treat our vets returning from space. The Good Neighbors by Edgar Pangborn. What do you do when you inadvertantly cause property damage? The Last Gentleman by Rory Magill. Final attack, or meteoric end of the world? Navy Day by Harry Harrison. When the army takes to the water, where has the navy left to patrol?

Vanishing Point by C. Weird genius. Machines that can't exist Julie's Demo Reel. Posting this just for shits and giggles Warm by Robert Sheckley.

Cosmic Crit: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast

A game of hot and cold where dimensions and perception are involved. A Little Journey by Ray Bradbury. When someone takes your money and promises heaven, sometimes you end up taking it. Dream World by R. When is a dream a dream and when is a butterfly really a slime mold? Tabby by Winston Marks. Not about a cat. Watch out if you're arachniphobic. Unborn Tomorrow by Mack Reynolds. If time and space travel were possible, where would the aliens go? A cornfield? Flamedown by H. The Slizzers by Jerome Bixby. The Cuckoo Clock by Wesley Barefoot. An invader kills your family - and even though you suspect, you can't act - why?

Wheels Within, part 2 of 2. Sometimes people have to be cruel to be kind Wheels Within, part 1 of 2. A glimpse of a dreamworld, a vision of the future, or something else entirely? Security Risk by Ed M. Clinton, Jr. Blind Spot by Bascom Jones, Jr. Beyond Pandora by Robert J. Martin and Two Timer by Frederic Brown. The Rotifers by Robert Abernathy. Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 8. The Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 7. The Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 6.

The Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 5. Big Baby, part 5 of 5 the end. The end of the story of talking to an alien's brain Why do we assume only stationary computers - or even useful computers - would be the most likely to independently develop A. Big Baby, part 4 of 5! Almost done! Patreon supporters get these ahead of time - join the patreon! Big Baby. By Noel Loomis In a world where money has been replaced by a daily point score, what is left to achieve?

Or at least to prove you achieved something at all? Big Baby, part 2 of 5. Human - alien communication is trickier than expected Big Baby, part 1 of 5. Telepathy with aliens allows the best exploration. But what if you miss something dangerous? The Water Eater by Win Marks. Am I Still There?

Philosophy Podcast Episodes - (Chronological) @TrueSciPhi

When everything is replaceable, what makes a man? Deadeye Kid - The Taste of the Beholder part 6 of 7. Finally finishing off the missing two episodes of the unfinished story No Shield from the Dead by Gordon R. On Handling the Data by M. A story told in an odd set of correspondence. In a strange place, anyone can blend Disqualified by Charles L. Sweet Ermengarde. The oddity of Lovecraft's work - this is a silly melodrama, rather than a horror story, but still has an odd charm all its own The Creature Inside part 2 of 2 by Jack Sharkey. Escaping the holodeck isn't easy when a sociopath is running the show!

The Creature Inside, part 1 of 2, by Jack Sharkey. Long before Star Trek, the healing qualities of a feedback-loop holodeck were posited. Except in the hands of a solipsistic narcissist, it might go very wrong. And it's definitely a lovely dark episode worthy of not missing.

Time Fuze by Randall Garrett. Every experiment in the world cannot prevent the completely unexpected Might be happening now - all about protecting our children. The Teeth Within, part 9 of 9 - the end! The final fate of the fickle clockworks!

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An Incident on Route Sometimes what you leave behind isn't as bad as what you run into when running away. Hard Guy by H. Picking up Hitchhikers can be dangerous, even in the far future Lem and Fanshaw find themselves in an inexplicable place and time The Teeth Within, part 8 of 9.

Jane and Annie have other tasks, and Gerald must still carry off the villain. My Fair Planet, part 2 of 2. An actor teaches an alien to play the role of his life - himself. The Teeth Within, part 7 of 9. Jane and Annie find what's back stage at the clockwork exhibit, while Gerald and the police may have an idea who's behind everything. My Fair Planet by Evelyn E. Smith part 1 of 2. What if an alien who wanted to blend in and scout our planet encountered an acting coach?

While writing a book on the superiority of humans to all other so-called intelligent life-forms, an explorer has a bit of a rude awakening. The Teeth Within, part 6 of 9. Jane and Annie try and explain things. The Lonely Ones. It's a long trek to find life in the galaxy - a nine-year voyage with limited interaction Two short shorts - Salesman and Lost in the Future.

Two short stories, one about robot sales and one about being lost in time. The Teeth Within, part 5 of 9. Investigating the scene of the crime Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 3. My confusion at the beginning of the month - the RSS feed was supposed to get episode 3, not 4.

When we forget what it does, we can still use technology for something The Teeth Within, part 4 of 9. While Gerald decides to meddle in police business, Jane and Annie take the back way in. Love Story by Irving E. Cox, Jr. And so it plays out - weakness on both sides, and nothing realistic.

List of RiffTrax Episodes

What might women do if they got any sort of control over men? Treat men the way women have been treated - as sex toys and bartering chips, valued fro nothing but their appearance? Or even less? The Teeth Within, part 3 of 9. Jane has company, Gerald examines one Nice Girl with 5 Husbands by Fritz Leiber. Another take on a possible future The Teeth within, part 2 of 9. Gerald seeks excitement, Jane finds a mess on her doorstep Many thanks to everyone who's come to the livestream where this is being put together.

Every evening PST, twitch. A Gift from Earth by Manly Banister. You know what they say - beware earthmen bearing anything. The Weirdest World by R. An alien's-eye view of a weird ass annoying world. The Prisoner of Hancock House, part 4. What happened that night? The Teeth Within, part 1 of 9. The premiere episode of a new miniseries with Jane, Annie, and Gerald from Bride of the Minotaur and Splinters of the Gate - put together live during the livestream!

Betting on the future is a sucker's game. Some words sound similar and mean very different things - but that doesn't mean they can't work out. The Hanging Stranger by Philip K. What could it mean when a body is hanging there in public and no one but you seems to notice? Rats in the Belfry by John York Cabot, part 2. You'll never guess what the rats are. Rats in the Belfry by John York Cabot, part 1 of 2. You know what they say about non-Euclidian angles Brown John's Body by Winston Marks. A heart-warming tale of a man and his rat.

When it absolutely, positively MUST get there on time The Prisoner of Hancock House, episode 2.